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we run over dogs and laugh

SkiFree! for Life!
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For all the fans of the old Win 3.1 game that everyone and their brother played (other than Chip's Challenge!)... SkiFree For Life!...!!

If you need a refresher, you were a blue-and-majenta skiier dodging trees, skiiers, small peeing dogs, rocks, stumps, dead trees, and of course the ever-elusive ABOMINABLE SNOW MONSTER. The more daring of us enjoyed doing such extensive Win3.1 game tricks such as clicking after hitting a rainbow ramp or pile o' snow, and flipping midair to get more style points. And leaping over other-not-as-cool skiiers (making them fall), dogs (making them pee), dead trees (setting them on fire), and stumps (somehow turning them into lollipops??). And always being bitter about those punkass snowboarders... always going faster than you, and NEVER getting eaten by the MONSTER. why?! WHY?! We may never know. But we can still appreciate this game.

Let's all give it up for SkiFree! Three cheers!!

And Some Links

The Most Officialest SkiFree Home Page: Made by the creator of SkiFree, that handsome God of all that is High Computer Programming.
SkiFree Fanfiction: Proof here that the internet is the greatest thing ever invented (and will be the death of mental sanity as we know it).
SkiFree for TI92 Calculators: You nerdy bastards, always playing games on your TI89+s in Calculus while the rest of us actually have to pay attention in class in order to somewhat pass.
SkiFree on Everything2: Internet encyclopedias, unlike that shit they carry in the library like Encyclopedia Brittanica (pff, wtf is a Brittanica), detail the things we care about.